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Sunday, 23 September 2018

Learn To Give Up and Try Again - Retrace

By On 09:59:00
Tailors always said that making new clothes was easier than mending already sewn ones. But when it has not been sewn well, will you rather wear it that way than mend it?

Driving a car forward is usually easier than reversing a car. But when you have gotten to the wall with the need to reverse, will you rather hit the wall than to reverse?

Many have missed the use of their natural abilities as a result of the limiting hopes placed in them by the educational curriculum.

Those who utilize their natural abilities are afraid to keep at it when it does not earn fat or get praised by everyone.

Yet others are on the verge of missing theirs if they are not coached right.

We can all run that mile over again if that is what it takes to go over our lives again and fully utilize our worth.

RETRACE is set to bring to you, personal experiences of the author, and of persons whose lives inspired the writing of this piece.


Please note that for the purpose of anonymity, some names—except that of the author and those of persons who have rightly given consent—found in this book do not represent real persons, even though the experiences expressed therein represent live personal experiences.

As you read, dip yourself into the intent of this book and get enriched by its demands of you, which mirror the everyday life of you and many others out there, whose lives need to be retraced on the map of productive living.

Summarily, always strive to get better than your current self.

To pre-order, simply click: bit.ly/retrace1


Friday, 14 September 2018

The Retrace Campaign - Exploiting Your Natural Abilities

By On 20:17:00
Tailors always said that making new clothes was easier than resewing already sewn ones. But when it has not been sewn well, will you rather wear it that way?

Driving a car forward is usually easier than reversing a car. But when you have gotten to the wall and need to reverse, will you rather hit the wall than reverse?

Many have missed the use of their natural abilities as a result of the limiting hopes placed in them by educational curriculum.

Those who utilize their natural abilities are afraid to keep at it when it does not earn fat, or get praised by everyone.

Yet others are at the verge of missing theirs if they are not coached aright.

We can all run that mile over again if that is what it takes to go over our lives again and fully utilize our worth.

Discovering my innate ability long after I thought I had long done so, I decided not to ignore it, but rather make a quick stop, turn and pick up my natural side of life as I continue my life in a rather better perspective.

I enjoin you to do same for a fulfilled life - however you choose to define a fulfilled life.

Monday, 27 August 2018

LEADERSHIP TWEAKS - The Pioneer Leaders' Guide To Exponential Results

By On 13:00:00
Elvis C. Umez 
154 pp 
Until you can effectively lead yourself, you will not be able to lead others. Leadership affects relationships, businesses, socialization.

At every point in time, there are shifts and adjustments to be made in the way you live and interact.

Everyone leads.

That's about the book - Leadership Tweaks: Pioneer Leaders' Guide To Exponential Results.

Author: Elvis C. Umez
Editor: Val Eze

Send a mail to: evalsblog@gmail.com or iamvaleze@gmail.com to place an order.



Saturday, 18 August 2018


By On 18:20:00
You Rock

As I spoke about Nosocomial Infections yesterday on Wish 99.5 Fm, here in the Garden City, it wasn't just about nosocomial infections, but also about how we come to receive cure, and in the process, get infected.

Nosocomial infections are contracted in the hospitals and other healthcare facilities during hospital stay. 

We seek education, but in the process, get caged by curriculum.

We have often underutilized our innate abilities.

Education has given us knowledge and hope, but put us within the grasp of limiting lines, which are meant to give us that take off point.

We cram and quote the learned, revere them and fear to step into their old shoes and walk a path away from their own conclusions.

We fear they've said it all and done it all. We fear we won't make sense. That we'll get smacked for thinking otherwise and for going beyond the line. We have acquired infections while seeking education, stagnating at our starting point, rather than growing from it.

We all struggle for the same old thing which our teachers and parents struggled for.

It's not easy. Yes, but we can gradually dip hands into the puzzle and do that which we are capable of doing.

They say education is scam. But education thought us about scam, and made us able to scam and be predisposed to scam.

Some people get education to make money. Others make money to pay for education.

What da heck is that?

Education isn't scam enough right?

You're greater; you rock.



Monday, 6 August 2018


By On 08:51:00

It's often said that what you do not know is bigger than you. And what you know should not find its way around your neck.

First step to killing the fear that keeps you from maximizing your gift and acquired skill is knowledge.

Being multi-talented is great, but if you don't type down to your core strength, you'll float like the lily on River Efu.

Many people can do many things at the same time, but cannot be masters in all. They dwell in the security of having a lot around to shield them from being blank.

Choose a lane to run with. Look for the meeting point of your strengths. When you have discovered your core strength, fear gets gradually dispelled in exchange for courage-laden mastery.

When you have achieved this, do everything you need to do with the knowledge you have garnered. 

Do it regardless.

Think of how less you read when exams are far away, and how much you read when your exams get closer. 

Fear simply magnifies what didn't scare you earlier. It doesn't change it. Fear doesn't change the exam questions. It simply makes the exam look mightier and scary to you. 

Fear is glass - magnifying glass; fear is breakable.

Break it.

Live your real life. Fear will always come into the works. Jump it like Lagos road. Don't wait for the vehicles to finish crossing, except you have a mat to pass the night by the roadside. They will never stop crossing. Brave it.

Say you gentle no be for Lagos road. Find way cross, but no go jump enter motor front o.

Fear is glass. Break it. Go on. Do it afraid. Do it with your eyes and mouth wide open.


Friday, 13 July 2018


By On 10:57:00

Sometime ago, a friend told me how well he had seen me doing with writing - Well, "I'm just beginning a movement," I thought.

"I think I can write if I mean it, but... What keeps you going?," he queried.

"One mistake which many people make is to erect edifices on wrong soils. And when the soil goes weary, the foundation shakes and the edifices are threatened with awful collapse on grounds of discontent."

"Building your passion around your career could be dangerous due to the ease at which you could switch careers, especially when you think that a certain career will satisfy you more by paying you better."

"While changing careers may have little or no effect on your inherent gifts and your passion for them, the reverse may deal a blow on you. Building your career around your passion will afford your the ease of redirecting your passion towards any new terrain or even scatter it across different terrains with the same objectives and similar results."

While we discussed, we switched to the business of copywriting for his company.

That's a new terrain with the same passion for the gift of writing.

What you love to do, keeps you happily alive.

For many, this may not make sense now. It's a matter of time.

Excerpts from the book - #Retrace


Wednesday, 4 July 2018


By On 10:00:00
Writing is golden. Heard that before?

Now, I'm smiling.

Many writers get encapsulated in the passion for writing, forgetting that passion is like fire which needs some elements to burn and keep burning. And when these elements are not in place, their writing shots keep firing to soft woods and falling to the grass. 

Soft woods and grass don't sustain fire for too long.

More bluntly put, if you don't make money with your writings, your passion dies in a matter of time.

What keeps you going is the impact your writings make in the lives of your readers. 

And for the intellectual property, the resources employed to perfect your art, business running costs, and the encouragement that comes from seeing that your works add value, you have to get paid to grow and be able to offer more and better.

Don't stay in your cubicle and write what you alone would read. Don't employ strategies that get masked by the noise. Everyone is writing, speaking and doing stuff. How do you get heard?

Brand yourself and showcase to stand out amidst the many who do exploits, and get paid. Employ exceptional strategies that sell.

To do that, you have to be taught the tips that will push you above board and make you stand out and stay afloat.

Learn the baits. What do people get attracted to on social media? What picks the interest of readers very readily? 

Use a combination of words, graphics, videos and audios to shoot your content to the minds of your audience. Pitch yourself to their instincts and be unapologetic about it.

Sell you wares in the rain and noise. It is not just enough to write and have people give you accolades.You should sell out. Sell back the accolades in exchange for money.


Sunday, 3 June 2018

AUTHOR'S COMPASS by Udunma Ikoro

By On 07:18:00
Udunma Ikoro
** pp.

The lamp holder is a god.

Everyone needs someone who will hold their hand and lead the way - one who has walked the same path.
I died as a writer.

I shared my experience with writers' block sometime ago and friends talked me to peace of mind and confidence in the gift I've got to grow myself on.

Writing has always been an art which flowed through my hands. I thought I was made because I had this latent gift.

I wanted to go the path of greatness in an art I grew with. But then, honing was something I never factored in.

Ever sailed in the oceans without a guide? Obviously not, else you wouldn't be here to respond. You would have been lost between the shores.

Direction is pertinent in anything you do. And writing is not left out.

You write but not with the enthusiasm and focus of a writer? Someone should go before you to hold the lamp.

You need a guide to attain the grace of your art.
And when you have written that piece, you want to have it in the hands of your readers. That's the joy of the one who writes to serve.
If you're a writer or an aspiring author, now you've got a map guide.

Udunma Ikoro has emptied it in this piece - Author's Compass.

If you don't get published with this, then you probably didn't wish to write or get published.

Very explicit, this book is straight to the point and attends to your writing and self-publishing concerns on Amazon and other renowned publishing platforms.

Get your copy, read, then go ahead and get your work done.
Reviewer: Val Eze


Wednesday, 11 April 2018


By On 21:00:00
Maggie Smart 
52 pp.
Growing up, I read and wrote effortlessly. I wrote out of passion and cuddled manuscripts which I shielded from the prying eyes of the public for fear of giving away its value on a platter of gold.

I was never thinking about publishing a book until I wrote what had the capacity to become a book. It was in me. I breathed writing and I read just about any printed article I found around.

At 17, I wrote my first book for teenagers, which was published 7 years later. I was a passive writer who read voraciously.

Sadly, most writers and intending authors do not know that writing is a business which must be taken as seriously as any other career. Only a handful of writers started off with that notion. The rest started writing out of passion and idle intent.

If you are a writer who wishes to become relevant enough to add value to humanity through your written works, then you must be intentional about writing. This includes, but not limited to reading voraciously, researching and writing intentionally, perhaps with schedule. Inspiration comes, but you must develop the will to get yourself seated to bleed your pen of ink at the times when inspiration has made a trip to a far land. You must also place yourself in the seat of a businessman who must earn profitably from his craft.

Only then will your worth as a writer grow, and your strength to sustain your craft stabilize enough to nourish it to blossom with life.

In the SMART WRITER'S HANDBOOK - TSWH, Maggie has done a deep hit on the importance of being intentional with writing, with her pick on phenomenal and productive writing. She has made an apt and concise exposition of the needs of an average writer or intending author, who would like to take his writing seriously, add value to humanity and earn a living through the art of writing. She listed and explained the things you must do to become a phenomenal writer, as well as the steps you have to take and the resources you would need to make a good writer and author.

Very easy to understand due to the simplicity exhibited in the mode of writing, TSWH is one which every writer will capture and internalize instantly. As the name connotes, TSWH is truly a book which every growing writer and author must have handy always as a guide through the way to exceptional writing.

She went ahead to give you the deep tips on publishing on Amazon and other publishing platforms in either electronic or paperback forms, and earning profitably.

What you have between those covers is simply awesome and worth a read if truly you want to take a great leap in your writing career. Get a copy of TSWH and move a step further in your writing career.

Maggie Smart is a writer and writers' coach. She can be contacted on FACEBOOK.

Reviewer: Val Eze


Wednesday, 28 March 2018


By On 03:04:00
Emeka Nobis
103 pp.

Growing up, I had always known I was a different breed of human. I either disagreed with most people, or agreed more than most people did.

I was always exceptional in my little dealings. I was often told how my thoughts were weird and eccentric.

I spoke to myself sometimes. Sometimes I spoke while everyone was in low spirit. Other times, I remained calm while others spoke. I was just a kind.

I discovered the world is made up of thoughts, thoughts which are sometimes definitive, and some other times ineffable.

People journeyed in the bandwagon and never harnessed the deep thoughts which lay fallow in them, just like the man who stood naked on the streets flagging passers-by and mumbling incoherent words.

The mad man has no thoughts we think. He simply wallows. He is mad and we are sane. What would the mad man say about us; perhaps that we are mad and he is sane? If he says that, he's right. His thoughts and perceptions are his.

When a mad man looks at you fiercely and tells you that you're in danger, stop and ask him for clarifications. He is a revealer of the unseen. There is really danger.

At dead night, the dog sees and barks at ghosts while we only see walls, trees and other humans.

The usual, the weird, the mad, the cranky, the sane; we all have thoughts that lead our lives to align with our values and productivity. And our lives largely depend on these thoughts for great exploits.

If your thoughts pull you out as mad in the midst of a multitude, remain standing and speak; for mad men really speak revelations. Everyone has a tinge of madness. Don't deny yourself.

Even Emeka Nobis does. And he bared it all in this book, MAD MEN SPEAK REVELATIONS. Deep thoughts you never knew you had. Get to know how unique and thoughtful you are, and how these thoughts that come everyday consciously or unconsciously, control your live and career.

I respect and value my thoughts even more after reading this book. Get it and feast on it. You are greater than you've always known.

Reviewer: Val Eze

[Need a copy? Place a comment.]


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