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Saturday, 1 December 2018

Failed WAEC; It pained me...

As the son of one who marks WAEC and NECO exam scripts, I have been a part of that path. 

I have also worked as a NECO adhoc results collation officer in 2013.

I learnt how scripts are marked. Sometimes, what earns you the marks are the salient points, not the long grammar you thought you wrote right (which can sometimes be wrong).

Hit the point and you score.

Ok, stay with me while I make a point.

If you've ever written a Mathematics Exam, you will agree with me that your score doesn't only depend on the final answer, but largely on the steps of the workings.

Still read down and understand what I mean.

You'll never really understand what it means to read a book until you have read one and picked a life-changing point.

Never read a book hoping to get value from every single word in it. Not all words will hit you. Not even all chapters will. That's what authors don't tell you. Well, that's the fact.

Read on...

Practical: Do this...

1. Clinch your right hand to make a fist.

2. Imagine you have a butterfly in your hand. 

You are at liberty to crush it or let it stay alive. The choice is yours. Your life is in your own hands.

Your choice; your call.

But don't fail.

I have offered #Retrace to you. Get it or let it sail away to the other side of the river. The water lily beckons for an embrace from that floating piece.

The choice is all yours to make or let be.

But you can do otherwise.

Need a copy of #Retrace?

Fire a message to me now. I will catch it.

Simply pay N3,500 to:
Eze Chukwueubuka Valentine

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I care about your growth

Val Eze


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