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Saturday, 22 December 2018

Do Not Launch Your Book - As An Author

By On 17:37:00

Before you stop reading, read the last line.

Thinking of launching a book?

Do this one thing:


Weird right?

Read on.

Well, that wasn't the mistake I made.

Here's the mistake I made:

I offered the book to persons whom I wanted to get the book.

But not all wanted to get it.

Some may later drink the waters of the book.

Some may never thirst nor hunger.

Let me give you this revelation!

Down here, what we call book launch is better called fund-raise.

We launch to get people to donate, not to get the book in the hands of many in a bid to create an effect.

And when the big donors don't show up, we are devastated. When they show up, but make pledges, we get frustrated calling to follow up and not getting the money we crave.

But remember that some people write books and give them out for free.

Yes, for free.

People write for various reasons.

And when I told someone, just before my 'book launch' in November - (😀 you're smiling. Yes, because I said DON'T LAUNCH earlier?).

Welcome back.

So when I told someone that at this point, I don't crazily wish for the donations and pledges but just a purchase of the book, it was a surprise, even to me.

My heart wanted that at the time; and I voiced it. And then I accepted it.

Maybe in future, I might throw a bang for a book launch and raise millions.

Sounds positive right?


Just purchase it. That's okay. If you want to donate...

Right from the heart!

I lowered my expectations.

This is it!

The one who purchases is the one who will value it. Though not all.

The one who offers huge sums as donations may be beclouded by the feeling of having done you a great favour by helping you cover costs. He may not value it. May!

Some may actually give from their hearts.

The one who gets it for free may have a feeling of having lost nothing. He too may not value it, because there was no commitment.

Except for those to whom you may be doing an honour or respect by taking the book to them and telling them you've written a book, you may consider avoiding the launch.

If you have the kind of connection that will fetch you millions after launch...I mean cash-in-hand...by all means, do your book launch and hammer.

One or two senior donations can cover your costs and do good to humanity.

But if you don't have big-money co-nn-ec-tions, please please please, take care.

I'll tell you why.

Read down still!

Others may have their critiques of this take of mine.

But that's what I think works at the time we are in.

Oya o, the critiques of this method.

We feed on critiques.

We seive them.

And we could even write a book on them and sell to you to read yours among other critiques.

Dear prospective author, don't do this.

Don't launch in a singular bid to raise funds. Except for the purpose of charity or for helping those who cannot afford it to get copies for free or at a subsidized rate.

Your story will not end with the one book you've written.

Think Brand.

Think of the ripple effect your book should create, rather than just the bucks you'd raise.

That money is good shelter.

It'll fund your business and growth.

But don't make it your bustop.

Think of narratives that appeal to hearts and change minds to smile to the world with greatness and yearnings for the blessedness that you dish out.

Think Content.

Think Value.

Think sustainable loyal connections.

Think Strategy.

Think Book Marketing; Think Book Sales.

Someone just bought my book - #Retrace; her comment when she read through one chapter still resounds in my head as I write this.

I'm glad at the narratives we are creating as Nigerian-African writers.

I'll be helping as many as reach out to me to help them win more than me and fail less than me in book writing and marketing.

I'll leave you to imagine.

Got any questions? Shoot!

I'm still giving out the #Retrace ebook for just N1,000 till 31st December, 2018.

Want it?


Cheers Now!


Sunday, 16 December 2018

RETRACE Promo (50% Off The Price On All Orders)

By On 17:50:00
Final PROMO!!!

I've constantly struggled with thoughts of doing a Christmas Promo for those who wish to get copies of my book - #Retrace.

The thought of it has lingered, and I was almost not going to do that this year for cogent reasons.

However, I've let loose for the last days of 2018.

On the 31st of December, 2018, it'll be exactly one year since #Retrace got conceived in my mind and set to sail and grace the pages of this piece.

It is on the back of that premise that this offer rides.

Now, read this...

From 16th - 31st December, 2018, you can get the EBook at a whole 50% discount. 

Yes, I'm giving it out at 50% off the price with a sense of offering. Don't miss this and complain tomorrow.

No excuses!

No explanations!

Just order it now. I'll bring it down once we cross over to 2019.

To order now, click here: https://paystack.com/pay/retracepromo


Pay N1,000 to:
Eze Chukwuebuka Valentine 
(Then send your email address to +2347036223072)



Saturday, 1 December 2018

Failed WAEC; It pained me...

By On 13:09:00

As the son of one who marks WAEC and NECO exam scripts, I have been a part of that path. 

I have also worked as a NECO adhoc results collation officer in 2013.

I learnt how scripts are marked. Sometimes, what earns you the marks are the salient points, not the long grammar you thought you wrote right (which can sometimes be wrong).

Hit the point and you score.

Ok, stay with me while I make a point.

If you've ever written a Mathematics Exam, you will agree with me that your score doesn't only depend on the final answer, but largely on the steps of the workings.

Still read down and understand what I mean.

You'll never really understand what it means to read a book until you have read one and picked a life-changing point.

Never read a book hoping to get value from every single word in it. Not all words will hit you. Not even all chapters will. That's what authors don't tell you. Well, that's the fact.

Read on...

Practical: Do this...

1. Clinch your right hand to make a fist.

2. Imagine you have a butterfly in your hand. 

You are at liberty to crush it or let it stay alive. The choice is yours. Your life is in your own hands.

Your choice; your call.

But don't fail.

I have offered #Retrace to you. Get it or let it sail away to the other side of the river. The water lily beckons for an embrace from that floating piece.

The choice is all yours to make or let be.

But you can do otherwise.

Need a copy of #Retrace?

Fire a message to me now. I will catch it.

Simply pay N3,500 to:
Eze Chukwueubuka Valentine

Then send your name, phone number, email address, and full contact address(for delivery) to +2347036223072.

I care about your growth

Val Eze


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