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Monday, 1 October 2018

There Is Nothing Like Independence - Ditch That NOWsense

Earlier, I had sent a Happy Independence Broadcast. Among the many responses I got was this one that got me thinking: He says, "Nothing like Independence, Bro." 

Well, you are not surprised if you are resident in Nigeria or any other country as ours. Many would say so too. But I'll make a smile spring forth from your face so that you see independence as a personal responsibility. 

After my first book (written in 2006, and published in 2013), I didn't think I would publish another book soon. I have always wanted anyone I come in contact with to learn a thing that will spur him/her to make a retrace move. While I do that, I open my mind to learn tons. Writing RETRACE and publishing it the same year is an improvement on the former. That is what you must do. Ditch those thoughts that things are not fine. Things may not be well quite alright, but those thoughts will end there, and our problems will snowball to elicit endless tantrums from us. 

Utilize the little within. Right now, do the little I will tell  you. As we do that, we constantly pray for a better nation.

Now hear this...

Chidindu Mmadu-Okoli is a lady I respect and admire. If you have never heard from here before nor had enough of her, read this now:

After a 90-minute session on Book Publishing and Marketing Mastery, my client, a man in his late fifties said to me, “I am glad I'm just learning this. I wish I knew this all my life. I didn't know my story was this interesting. I don't know there were lots of things to help me make the best of publishing
All that man said only presented itself in one word to me. I couldn't exactly pin down what the word was, but I knew it was something that a lot of young people were taking for granted.

When I began to read RETRACE, I found that word. I found it in plural form—Opportunities.

I caught the word: the word that wraps up all the things he said to me. I cried a little. And I laughed too. By the time I got to the last page, there came an adjective to qualify it as limitless opportunities.

Val Eze has his way with words. Having sat in the same lecture hall for five years with the first author in a class of over one hundred and thirty students, he is one of those, whose words and actions align.

With Retrace, Val walks a path where many see as impossible to pass through. He doesn't do so as a person of authority; he does as his story portrays—of a multi-talented, whose clarity about life comes from his consistency in fully applying himself in every situation. This is the real story of a life I know: his ability to tread paths until the grasses give way and the route becomes clear to those who desire to tread this path. This is still his present nature.

Today, Val creates limitless opportunities with Retrace. It is a call to originality, immersion and overflow. The narrative turns us into the within, undresses our limiting beliefs, and presents us face-to-face with the truth that we have been running away from. Have I even talked about how he talked about fear? Amazing! Go ahead and see for yourself.

Another thing to note is the power of building networks across. Val opens our eyes to the simple analogy of how we can build and collaborate with our own cheerleaders whilst seeking to bind with those at the top. Judging from my own personal life, Retrace provides that simple process to building a ladder that aids the climb to your dreams.

If  you've just gotten a copy! I am proud of you! You are damn lucky! No, scratch that! You are rich: richer than all others who only have money.

Now, dig deep without wasting a moment. Turn the pages over and again. His words are simple. He speaks in a language that only humble minds can understand.

When you find the words that hit you, do me a favour! Share that word with the world! Tell them you are on a retrace. Ask them to do exactly what you have done to stay on track—that is, to get a copy too.

Retrace is the kind of book you read in your room, in the bus, at the restaurant and when you take a stage.

I dare you not to pick a copy today at the Independence Prices. You've got no damn reason to look away. Ditch your excuses and help tomorrow. 

Leave nkwobi and beer for now.
Free those bangles and trinkets for the mean time. 
Get some additional sense.
Even suya won't save you beyond today.

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Elvis C. Umez 

I'm a nice guy, right?
Let me hear you complain again.

But wait o, it's just for today. 
12 midnight, I shut down the discount. Don't try me. 
I won't be a Nigerian on this one.
I will definitely shut down and we revert to the original prices.

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You now have the ball bouncing in your court.
Play it or spend more tomorrow.

Again, what you get when you pay:
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An extra book as bonus 
I hope you have the same feeling I had until after I had read the last page of this book.

Have a good time reading.

Chidindu Mmadu-Okoli
(Writer, TEDx Speaker, Storytelling Strategist, Author of ‘Be Utterly Shameless,’ Medical Laboratory Scientist)


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