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Monday, 29 October 2018


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After a 90-minute session on Book Publishing and Marketing Mastery, my client, a man in his late fifties said to me, “I am glad I'm just learning this. I wish I knew this all my life. I didn't know my story was this interesting. I don't know there were lots of things to help me make the best of publishing.
All that man said only presented itself in one word to me. I couldn't exactly pin down what the word was, but I knew it was something that a lot of young people were taking for granted.
When I began to read Retrace, I found that word. I found it in plural form—opportunities.
I caught the word: the word that wraps up all the things he said to me. I cried a little. And I laughed too. By the time I got to the last page, there came an adjective to qualify it as limitless opportunities.
Val Eze has his way with words. Having sat in the same lecture hall for five years with the first author in a class of over one hundred and thirty students, he is one of those, whose words and actions align.
With Retrace, Val walks a path where many see as impossible to pass through. He doesn't do so as a person of authority; he does as his story portrays—of a multi-talented, whose clarity about life comes from his consistency in fully applying himself in every situation. This is the real story of a life I know: his ability to tread paths until the grasses give way and the route becomes clear to those who desire to tread this path. This is still his present nature.
Today, Val creates limitless opportunities with Retrace. It is a call to originality, immersion and overflow. The narrative turns us into the within, undresses our limiting beliefs, and presents us face-to-face with the truth that we have been running away from. Have I even talked about how he talked about fear? Amazing! Go ahead and see for yourself.
Another thing to note is the power of building networks across. Val opens our eyes to the simple analogy of how we can build and collaborate with our own cheerleaders whilst seeking to bind with those at the top. Judging from my own personal life, Retrace provides that simple process of building a ladder that aids the climb to your dreams.
You've just gotten a copy! I am proud of you! You are damn lucky! No, scratch that! You are rich: richer than all others who only have money.
Now, dig deep without wasting a moment. Turn the pages over and again. His words are simple. He speaks in a language that only humble minds can understand.
When you find the words that hit you, do me a favour! Share that word with the world! Tell them you are on a retrace. Ask them to do exactly what you have done to stay on track—that is, to get a copy too.
Retrace is the kind of book you read in your room, in the bus, at the restaurant and when you take a stage.
I hope you have the same feeling I had until I had read the last page of this book.
Have a good time reading.

Chidindu Mmadu-Okoli
(Writer, TEDx Speaker, Storytelling Strategist, Author of ‘Be Utterly Shameless,’ Medical Laboratory Scientist)


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Tailors always said that making new clothes was easier than mending already sewn ones. But when it has not been sewn well, will you rather wear it that way than mend it?
Driving a car forward is usually easier than reversing a car. But when you have gotten to the wall with the need to reverse, will you rather choose to hit the wall than to reverse?
Many have missed the use of their natural abilities as a result of the limiting hopes placed in them by the educational curriculum.
Those who utilize their natural abilities are afraid to keep at it when it does not earn fat or get praised by everyone.
Yet others are on the verge of missing theirs if they are not coached right.
We can all run that mile over again if that is what it takes to go over our lives again and fully utilize our worth.
RETRACE is set to bring to you, personal experiences of the author, and of persons whose lives inspired the writing of this piece.
Please note that for the purpose of anonymity, some names—except that of the author and those of persons who have rightly given consent—found in this book do not represent real persons, even though the experiences expressed therein represent personal experiences.
My story may be different from yours, but as you read, dip yourself into the intent of this book and get enriched by its demands of you, which mirror the everyday life of you and many others out there, whose lives need to be retraced on the map of productive living.
This book has been sectioned into four to help you figure out where you have derailed, note your short falls, map corrective steps by living your entitlements, rather than just assuming rights of possession of them and waiting to be offered same. The last section tells you to take action. If you do everything and fail to take action, then you have missed the whole mark. RETRACE is meant to add value to your life, not number to your library.
Summarily, always strive to get better than your current self. Read my story, but apply the lessons to fit into your own unique life.
 Val Eze (Author)


Saturday, 27 October 2018


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(Day 3-of-3)
(Today is the last day of the 3-day lessons of life)


It might interest you to know that the reason I come up here to address some issues is because people engage me and ask questions when I send broadcasts. While I will not disclose the identity of anyone who asks, I’ll address their concerns generally because their challenges represent the concerns of many. It shows that some other persons could have similar challenges, but remain mute for some reasons.
Someone asks about self-discovery – how one can achieve this amidst illusion.
Well, there is no hard rule. Just be attentive to yourself and your daily yearnings. It’s not out of this world. It’s in you and your daily dealings. Your past holds a lot of it too.
What are those things that make people see you differently?
What are those things you do and people just see you as weird and you just wonder why they have different views of it?

Perhaps dem say you too talk.
Or dem say you too dey overdress.
Or say you too waka.
Or you too dull.
Or dem say you too dey speak grammar.
Or you too like children.
Or dem say you too dey stay around women.
Or even say you too dey do formality.
What makes people snub you?

What are those things you do with ease, and you think that everyone should equally be able to do them? You wonder why they can’t.
Do they think you are crazy? But really, you think you are somewhat psychic?
Find your strength in them.

For me, apart from Mr Meticulous, I was also called ‘Detail Man.’ I can give you explanations that will answer even the questions you are yet to ask; just to save you the stress. That’s not a routine anyway. It may not even happen in your own lifetime. But it goes to show how what surrounds you or what people see in you becomes your strong point if you care to be attentive.

This might be your problem: you want to do what everyone wants. You seek accolades from everyone. Even Christ did not come close to achieving that. So you think you can? Everyone will not like what you do. Not everyone will listen to what you have to say.
It’s often been said that if you want to do what everyone likes, then you’ve got to sell ice cream. I’m sure you know that not everyone likes ice cream.

(Remember; don’t look at your wrist watch)
At the Six O’clock position of your wrist watch, what do you have there?
Roman numeral VI
Figure 6
Number SIX
Just a vertical stroke
 A dot
A square
Or what?

Got an answer?
If you did this sincerely and got it correct, thumbs up. If you got in wrong, don’t worry. This is meant to show you how people have something on them and in their hands, but fail to recognize it and take full advantage of it. They keep struggling for what is farther away. Sadly, many don’t ever get satisfied. Some even die in the process.
It’s all the struggles of man.

Most of what you may seek may be embedded in you only if you would dig in. When you play your own record, you thrill the audience the most, and the world is touched even more.
Be at your best always with the little within, and the one you seek will get closer faster.

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 (Day 2-of-3)
(Did you learn a thing from yesterday’s lesson?)

Ehen, about my friend that says he wants to do what I do; I want to let you know that I also wish to be like someone or some persons. That’s life and that’s how it works.
I know you might have people you look up to. It’s not enough to call them your role models. It’s not enough to take selfies with them when you will end up taking another selfie with them one year later, still maintaining the position you found yourself when you last met them. Growth is pertinent.

I have role models, but I may never be like them all. Yes, it’s the fact. Take what the person is modelling you on and focus on fitting it into your own life to produce, not his results, but your own unique results. No doubt your results may be similar, but know your lane. Never follow someone to the point of living that person’s life, except you’re making a ‘genuine’ sacrifice. You could do better.

That is why you must have to discover yourself and what you stand for. Failure to do that places you on the radar of guesswork all your life.

In chapter 29 of my book, I used a typical example to explain how we should see role models: The Thai boys and their coach, who were trapped in a cave in June 2018. They were assigned scuba divers as emergency role models. They had to learn a bit of scuba diving to be safely guided out of the flooded cave before the rain is expected to rumble. They were not trained scuba divers and they may never become scuba divers after their rescue. But at that point, that was what they needed to learn to make attain a milestone—to stay alive. Sadly, an experienced diver died in the mission, but the boys and their coach all came out alive.

You may never become like your role model, but you have a lesson to pick and work on, based on your own peculiar objectives. Well, you might have a contrary opinion theoretically, but when you get to the field of play, reality will stare you in the face. Truth is: many people who claim to be ardent followers of their role models are rather hypnotized to think that they can only do less. They don’t even know this due to the ‘hypno’. 

Yes, I know about Robert Greene’s First Law of Power. But your role model is at least not your master. So, that doesn’t fit in.

Linking it to yesterday’s lesson, I urge you to pick your lessons and invest all you can to lock them into your life. It will require you to take that hard decision that usually elicits fear. Chapter 20 of my book puts it straight. Thinking of venturing and being consistent, the fear of sustainability often surfaces even before you start. Start nonetheless, but make a firm resolve to obey the rule of continuous learning and consistency. Do this by accepting to dare the odds each time you feel like quitting. It may not be so easy, but if you don’t dare, then you may yet be starting another failed-from-start venture. That’s if you ever started one before.

Lastly, forget about sleep. That stuff is a waste of time. I know that someone will smile to this. But wait! Before you come for my fine head, still read down. Over the years I have adapted to less sleep, that’s putting it literally. It may be entirely unhealthy and difficult at first, but people who do stuff will understand what I mean. At some point, you don’t necessarily decide to, but simply find yourself sleeping less. Actually, it goes farther than just sleeping less. When you close from work, others close from work too, but not all of them close work. Note the difference.

To my friend, don’t just be like your role models. Admire them enough to make you learn and act exceptionally. We could ply the same route at some point, yet land at different destinations or at different points in the same destination. You can do better. The scuba diver died, but all boys and coach who looked up to him were saved. And life has since gone on. Was that fair enough? Help me ask Fate.

We talk about eccentricities that make you.
What resonates with you?
What are you naturally good at?



Friday, 26 October 2018


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(Day 1-of-3)


The comments I get when I send whatsapp broadcasts sometimes make me stop and think. Someone wants to do what I do. But note that you can only apply what you learn to fit into your own unique life. Find yourself.

It is when you stand strong on what you pursue, that people begin to see you as good enough to help then adjust their crosses. Never mind that not everyone will buy into what you do. Let the world be. Just beat the tusks on the waters and let the tides flow. Your seeds will disperse and bury themselves to germinate loyalty to your cause. It's a matter of time, as long as you stay on it.

Realize that everything you wish for comes with attendant responsibilities. If you haven’t gotten anything from my broadcasts so far, don’t miss this one. I noticed that I have always talked about what I do and a few of the challenges I’ve had to face. I don’t always mention some of the challenges that fill the gaps in my everyday sojourn. They happen every day, and I invest to either sail on them or put them out.

Point 1:
I learnt to employ different styles of putting out word for what I do, but I’ve got to say that I didn’t learn by reading several web pages on the internet. Sometimes, what you get online is still food for you to churn and produce a lot of undigested or improperly digested food particles(bad results) in your stool, ensuring your stunted growth. What you learn by seeking proper help could lighten the labour associated with wallowing on the internet, trying to explain things to yourself amidst assumptions. It’ll cost more though. But it would help you a lot. I paid to sit in a class and learn. Marketing is just creative like that.

Point 2:
Yesterday, I told you how I attended an editing class to spill the bile that was formed by my previous experience in my writing career. Did I also mention that it wasn’t free of bill? Well, it cost some bucks.

Point 3:
I read a lot of books that cut across what I resonate with. I had developed an addictive habit of buying a book at every birthday, apart from other times. Do you have an idea what goes into that? What do I know kwanu? I gotta read. You can actually get free books around.

Pay Heed:
You have to invest time, energy and moola, in what you believe in, no matter how little. Even if you’re the most gifted person on the right side of the surface of the earth, if you don’t do that, you will rot with your gifting, or at least remain fixed at your current level. Like I’ll always say, “it’s more spiritual than you may know.”

You can't succeed or sustain success until you have assumed shameless responsibility and made basic commitments in line with current realities.

I’ll deepen the plough into the impact of Role Models and Allies in our lives and brands, and the typical misconception of many of us on things concerning us and the people we look up to. I’ll also give you actionable insights on scratching the wounds to get your strong points, distilling your core innate ability from the corollaries and daily experiences (this is where most people have issues due to constantly changing realities, demands and unmet expectations that distort our focus).

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Monday, 8 October 2018


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Ebuka had attended a personal development class where he learnt the art of personal development and growth. The lecturer had spoken for an hour when he noticed that some members of the class were not writing down anything. 
He moved closer to one of them to find out where the problem was. He had no paper to write on. Another had no pen to write. While yet some others had neither paper nor pen.
The lecturer quickly announced it and asked if there were students who wanted to write but did not have paper or pen. Those who wanted to write but did not have either paper or pen indicated. He then asked for help from those who had. Quickly, those who had either of the two items got up from their seats and took what they had to those who needed them. None of those who needed either pen or paper got up from their seats.
Then the lecturer said to those who neither had pen nor paper, “Why did you not get up from your seats in search of pen or paper, but rather seat back and wait to be served by those who offered to help you?”
And to those who received pen or paper, he said, “What made you get up from your seats rather than wait for those who needed what you had to come to you?”

What you have is enough. What you do not have is available, but without an effort to get it, you will wallow in self-inflicted disillusioned lack. Even though they did not reach out to get what they wanted but did not have, they still got what they wanted because someone else—the lecturer—had made an effort in their favour. 
Sometimes, you will make efforts towards what you desire. Other times, you will have them come to you. Either way, something will have to go into the works. You must not wait for someone to push the bar to get to you. Reach out and you will discover that lack is an illusion, sometimes created by complacency.
Reaching out will not a guarantee success, but when applied well and consistently, with utter believe and focus, will always lead to the accomplishment of great things.
Nigeria is a blessed nation with rich human, mineral, and other natural resources. The wealth of Nigeria is evident to the world, but the masses claim not to be in touch with it. This simply indicates that it is not just enough to have it in you. Tap into it actively to the benefit of humanity.
Every man has some valuable traits deposited in him by nature. No man would lack, if these gifts are tapped into by everyone and exchanged with one another for value. Let the value you have, be a means of service to humanity. That way, your desires will come to you.

While you hope for what you do not have, use what you have, and you will find out that you already had enough.
Make moves to fill gaps in whatever you do. Opportunities will come to you when you have stretched forth a hand.
Your natural abilities will not blossom until you have made concerted efforts at using them.
You've not gone so far into your life. RETRACE NOW.


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