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Friday, 14 September 2018

The Retrace Campaign - Exploiting Your Natural Abilities

Tailors always said that making new clothes was easier than resewing already sewn ones. But when it has not been sewn well, will you rather wear it that way?

Driving a car forward is usually easier than reversing a car. But when you have gotten to the wall and need to reverse, will you rather hit the wall than reverse?

Many have missed the use of their natural abilities as a result of the limiting hopes placed in them by educational curriculum.

Those who utilize their natural abilities are afraid to keep at it when it does not earn fat, or get praised by everyone.

Yet others are at the verge of missing theirs if they are not coached aright.

We can all run that mile over again if that is what it takes to go over our lives again and fully utilize our worth.

Discovering my innate ability long after I thought I had long done so, I decided not to ignore it, but rather make a quick stop, turn and pick up my natural side of life as I continue my life in a rather better perspective.

I enjoin you to do same for a fulfilled life - however you choose to define a fulfilled life.

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