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Monday, 27 August 2018

LEADERSHIP TWEAKS - The Pioneer Leaders' Guide To Exponential Results

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Elvis C. Umez 
154 pp 
Until you can effectively lead yourself, you will not be able to lead others. Leadership affects relationships, businesses, socialization.

At every point in time, there are shifts and adjustments to be made in the way you live and interact.

Everyone leads.

That's about the book - Leadership Tweaks: Pioneer Leaders' Guide To Exponential Results.

Author: Elvis C. Umez
Editor: Val Eze

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Saturday, 18 August 2018


By On 18:20:00
You Rock

As I spoke about Nosocomial Infections yesterday on Wish 99.5 Fm, here in the Garden City, it wasn't just about nosocomial infections, but also about how we come to receive cure, and in the process, get infected.

Nosocomial infections are contracted in the hospitals and other healthcare facilities during hospital stay. 

We seek education, but in the process, get caged by curriculum.

We have often underutilized our innate abilities.

Education has given us knowledge and hope, but put us within the grasp of limiting lines, which are meant to give us that take off point.

We cram and quote the learned, revere them and fear to step into their old shoes and walk a path away from their own conclusions.

We fear they've said it all and done it all. We fear we won't make sense. That we'll get smacked for thinking otherwise and for going beyond the line. We have acquired infections while seeking education, stagnating at our starting point, rather than growing from it.

We all struggle for the same old thing which our teachers and parents struggled for.

It's not easy. Yes, but we can gradually dip hands into the puzzle and do that which we are capable of doing.

They say education is scam. But education thought us about scam, and made us able to scam and be predisposed to scam.

Some people get education to make money. Others make money to pay for education.

What da heck is that?

Education isn't scam enough right?

You're greater; you rock.



Monday, 6 August 2018


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It's often said that what you do not know is bigger than you. And what you know should not find its way around your neck.

First step to killing the fear that keeps you from maximizing your gift and acquired skill is knowledge.

Being multi-talented is great, but if you don't type down to your core strength, you'll float like the lily on River Efu.

Many people can do many things at the same time, but cannot be masters in all. They dwell in the security of having a lot around to shield them from being blank.

Choose a lane to run with. Look for the meeting point of your strengths. When you have discovered your core strength, fear gets gradually dispelled in exchange for courage-laden mastery.

When you have achieved this, do everything you need to do with the knowledge you have garnered. 

Do it regardless.

Think of how less you read when exams are far away, and how much you read when your exams get closer. 

Fear simply magnifies what didn't scare you earlier. It doesn't change it. Fear doesn't change the exam questions. It simply makes the exam look mightier and scary to you. 

Fear is glass - magnifying glass; fear is breakable.

Break it.

Live your real life. Fear will always come into the works. Jump it like Lagos road. Don't wait for the vehicles to finish crossing, except you have a mat to pass the night by the roadside. They will never stop crossing. Brave it.

Say you gentle no be for Lagos road. Find way cross, but no go jump enter motor front o.

Fear is glass. Break it. Go on. Do it afraid. Do it with your eyes and mouth wide open.


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