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Friday, 13 July 2018


Sometime ago, a friend told me how well he had seen me doing with writing - Well, "I'm just beginning a movement," I thought.

"I think I can write if I mean it, but... What keeps you going?," he queried.

"One mistake which many people make is to erect edifices on wrong soils. And when the soil goes weary, the foundation shakes and the edifices are threatened with awful collapse on grounds of discontent."

"Building your passion around your career could be dangerous due to the ease at which you could switch careers, especially when you think that a certain career will satisfy you more by paying you better."

"While changing careers may have little or no effect on your inherent gifts and your passion for them, the reverse may deal a blow on you. Building your career around your passion will afford your the ease of redirecting your passion towards any new terrain or even scatter it across different terrains with the same objectives and similar results."

While we discussed, we switched to the business of copywriting for his company.

That's a new terrain with the same passion for the gift of writing.

What you love to do, keeps you happily alive.

For many, this may not make sense now. It's a matter of time.

Excerpts from the book - #Retrace


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