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Sunday, 3 June 2018

AUTHOR'S COMPASS by Udunma Ikoro

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Udunma Ikoro
** pp.

The lamp holder is a god.

Everyone needs someone who will hold their hand and lead the way - one who has walked the same path.
I died as a writer.

I shared my experience with writers' block sometime ago and friends talked me to peace of mind and confidence in the gift I've got to grow myself on.

Writing has always been an art which flowed through my hands. I thought I was made because I had this latent gift.

I wanted to go the path of greatness in an art I grew with. But then, honing was something I never factored in.

Ever sailed in the oceans without a guide? Obviously not, else you wouldn't be here to respond. You would have been lost between the shores.

Direction is pertinent in anything you do. And writing is not left out.

You write but not with the enthusiasm and focus of a writer? Someone should go before you to hold the lamp.

You need a guide to attain the grace of your art.
And when you have written that piece, you want to have it in the hands of your readers. That's the joy of the one who writes to serve.
If you're a writer or an aspiring author, now you've got a map guide.

Udunma Ikoro has emptied it in this piece - Author's Compass.

If you don't get published with this, then you probably didn't wish to write or get published.

Very explicit, this book is straight to the point and attends to your writing and self-publishing concerns on Amazon and other renowned publishing platforms.

Get your copy, read, then go ahead and get your work done.
Reviewer: Val Eze


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