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Wednesday, 21 March 2018


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Back in the days, we often heard people who specialized in a particular area of a course of study where more serious than some others who were in another specialty.

We were also made to understand that some areas were more lucrative than the others in practice.

That ideology became largely responsible for the decisions of many to specialize in a given area, apart from a previously conjured preference for a certain specialty.

I had my bout of advice to follow the most traveled path. I had my choice  to make. I didn't know much at the time, but the choice to be different has been my pattern.

How often have you made choices pegged on such ideologies?

How often have you chosen a path which most people referred to travel, in a bid for better experiences?

Experiences shape our lives depending on how relevant they are to our chosen path.

If you choose to travel the most traveled path, you have chosen to be among many. Be ready to commune in the crowd.

Phenomenal minds seek the eccentric, the re searchable, and the scary. While it comes with its peculiar challenges, it warms the heart of the exceptional being and keeps hope piercing forward like an arrow through the cluster of the future.

A man in the crowd is seen by many distracted eyes.

A man in the lone attracts the most focused eyes.

Have you made a choice for yourself?

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