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About Me

 Hey there, I am Val Eze.

I am 
The Happy Writer

Like many young people, I discovered my innate potentials at a time I thought I had long done so. 

When I found out, I dug in and began to develop it.

Oh yea, I am an author of 2 books:

(A personal development book for teens). 


(A book you should read to retrace, or even take a detour to get your true potentials to appeal to you).

Through my writings, I make young people cherish their own innate potentials—even when discovered late—over school curriculum. 

I just want to change your mindset and make you better through my writing.

 When this is done, you will get surprised to the great exploits you can do, affect humanity positively, and create wealth with your potentials.

Now that you know about me, could you just say hi!

Ok, here you go: 
Email: iamvaleze@gmail.com

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