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About Me

 Hey there, I am EVAL.

I am a writer.
I started writing at the age of 15. 
I read voraciously and write devotedly.

I graduated from the prestigious University of Nigeria Nsukka with a degree of Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science, with over 5 years continuous professional work experience in multi-disciplinary health institutions in Nigeria.

I live and breath 'writing.' And I write with such remarkable prowess as is wielded by any young writing god.

While I practiced as a Medical Laboratory Scientist, 'writing' never left me. And so I began to do a deep dive into this calling.

You know how many persons want to write but can hardly put words together. 
They have the inkling but can hardly fix things themselves, perhaps they lack the resolve and the skills to weave and hem words into insightful pieces.

I help them lead their thoughts, create compelling stories to drive home their thoughts and fulfill their dreams.

Great writers are storytellers.

If you belong to my audience, let's roll.

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