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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

THE SEAT IN THE OBI - The Happy Writer's Inspiration

'Obi' is the room or space in a typical Igbo household where the head of the home sits to receive guests or chat with his family.

Me: Why do you always sit here, even when you aren't doing anything?

Papa: This is my obi. I should sit here always.

Me: But the obi is where you receive visitors.

Papa: Yes. But the Obi isn't built for visitors.

Me: Papa, so?

Papa: So, I have to always sit here whether I have a visitor or not. My son, look through the door (points to the 'Okporo').

Okporo is the path that crosses the front of every home. Anyone passing or going into any household passes through the Okporo. It is from the Okporo that people shout greetings when they pass.

Papa: My ancestors pass through the Okporo often. When they pass, they greet. I should be here to always chant back. When my brothers pass, they greet, and if I do not respond, they go on. But when I respond, they know that I am around. So, they come to check on me even in their hurry.

Me: That's interesting Papa.

Papa: My son, if you do anything only because of what it usually is, it'll end up eluding you most of the time.

Me: Is that so?

Papa: Yes my son. Show kindness always. Make it a way of life. You see that thing you do, do it always, even when no one stands by. They will be drawn by your consistent spirit like my ancestors and brothers.

Me: Ha! Papa. I like your thought.

Papa: Yes my son, you have to like it. It was in this obi that I thought about having my first child. While visitors were away, I went to meet your mother's mother in here inner room. I'm sure my brothers would have shouted greetings, but didn't hear my voice.

Now, I'm thinking about how often I write because as a writer, I have to write.

Do you wait on anything?

Will your visitors ever come?

If they come, are they going to greet and pass?

Is your guarantee of consistency going to keep them expectant of your position in your 'obi'?

Dear writer, think about it.

Then write as often as possible.

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