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Thursday, 22 November 2018

I'm Not Doing Well; The Way Out

By On 13:17:00
I am not doing well...

I'm not sure what flashed through your mind when you read that heading up there.

But I'd had a chat with someone, who told me how stressful her job was.

One thing I told her was this: strive to gain as much experience as you can from the stress. Keep doing it with committment and you'll appreciate it later on.

Let me now add...

You may not be doing the 'best' thing you are 'capable' of doing today. You may actually be doing something good now that gives you money, power, and the 'conviction' that you're doing well. That's good. Very good actually.

If you walked in your mother's womb, no one would have rejoiced the first time you tried to toddle. Every growth from any level brings joy and fulfilment that comes with actualizing what you've been originally cut out for.

Even as you work to make ends meet, delve into the reality of your own self and build on it  even in the most little way, because the things you enjoy now and the comfort you have may not live as long as you. Only your innate being will. That is what you'll never lose even if planet earth stops rotating around its axis.

It's not a bad wish. It's the reality that evokes mind-shifting thoughts. And time will tell.

Time, my dear.


Never ignore your DNA no matter what else you do. Please, never!

If you've got a copy of #Retrace, refer to chapters 25 & 26 and reason along this line.


As of today's collation, 91% of #Retrace orders have been confirmed delivered across Nigeria.

7.5% are in transit.

1.5% are yet to be dispatched.

Have you ordered yours to learn about the decision I made that makes me happy even when I work myself out?

Well, what do you think about joining a media team someday? Growth is imminent as well as paramount.

The week is almost completely eaten up.

2019 beckons. I'll send you a very short message this evening before you go to bed.

If you're a writer of any sort, watch my next broadcast. I'll share a simple tip that helps me.

Lydia Maduh is a nurse. Guess what she's waiting for as she glances her copy of #Retrace.


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