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Monday, 8 October 2018


Ebuka had attended a personal development class where he learnt the art of personal development and growth. The lecturer had spoken for an hour when he noticed that some members of the class were not writing down anything. 
He moved closer to one of them to find out where the problem was. He had no paper to write on. Another had no pen to write. While yet some others had neither paper nor pen.
The lecturer quickly announced it and asked if there were students who wanted to write but did not have paper or pen. Those who wanted to write but did not have either paper or pen indicated. He then asked for help from those who had. Quickly, those who had either of the two items got up from their seats and took what they had to those who needed them. None of those who needed either pen or paper got up from their seats.
Then the lecturer said to those who neither had pen nor paper, “Why did you not get up from your seats in search of pen or paper, but rather seat back and wait to be served by those who offered to help you?”
And to those who received pen or paper, he said, “What made you get up from your seats rather than wait for those who needed what you had to come to you?”

What you have is enough. What you do not have is available, but without an effort to get it, you will wallow in self-inflicted disillusioned lack. Even though they did not reach out to get what they wanted but did not have, they still got what they wanted because someone else—the lecturer—had made an effort in their favour. 
Sometimes, you will make efforts towards what you desire. Other times, you will have them come to you. Either way, something will have to go into the works. You must not wait for someone to push the bar to get to you. Reach out and you will discover that lack is an illusion, sometimes created by complacency.
Reaching out will not a guarantee success, but when applied well and consistently, with utter believe and focus, will always lead to the accomplishment of great things.
Nigeria is a blessed nation with rich human, mineral, and other natural resources. The wealth of Nigeria is evident to the world, but the masses claim not to be in touch with it. This simply indicates that it is not just enough to have it in you. Tap into it actively to the benefit of humanity.
Every man has some valuable traits deposited in him by nature. No man would lack, if these gifts are tapped into by everyone and exchanged with one another for value. Let the value you have, be a means of service to humanity. That way, your desires will come to you.

While you hope for what you do not have, use what you have, and you will find out that you already had enough.
Make moves to fill gaps in whatever you do. Opportunities will come to you when you have stretched forth a hand.
Your natural abilities will not blossom until you have made concerted efforts at using them.
You've not gone so far into your life. RETRACE NOW.


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