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Monday, 29 October 2018



Tailors always said that making new clothes was easier than mending already sewn ones. But when it has not been sewn well, will you rather wear it that way than mend it?
Driving a car forward is usually easier than reversing a car. But when you have gotten to the wall with the need to reverse, will you rather choose to hit the wall than to reverse?
Many have missed the use of their natural abilities as a result of the limiting hopes placed in them by the educational curriculum.
Those who utilize their natural abilities are afraid to keep at it when it does not earn fat or get praised by everyone.
Yet others are on the verge of missing theirs if they are not coached right.
We can all run that mile over again if that is what it takes to go over our lives again and fully utilize our worth.
RETRACE is set to bring to you, personal experiences of the author, and of persons whose lives inspired the writing of this piece.
Please note that for the purpose of anonymity, some names—except that of the author and those of persons who have rightly given consent—found in this book do not represent real persons, even though the experiences expressed therein represent personal experiences.
My story may be different from yours, but as you read, dip yourself into the intent of this book and get enriched by its demands of you, which mirror the everyday life of you and many others out there, whose lives need to be retraced on the map of productive living.
This book has been sectioned into four to help you figure out where you have derailed, note your short falls, map corrective steps by living your entitlements, rather than just assuming rights of possession of them and waiting to be offered same. The last section tells you to take action. If you do everything and fail to take action, then you have missed the whole mark. RETRACE is meant to add value to your life, not number to your library.
Summarily, always strive to get better than your current self. Read my story, but apply the lessons to fit into your own unique life.
 Val Eze (Author)


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