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Saturday, 27 October 2018


 (Day 2-of-3)
(Did you learn a thing from yesterday’s lesson?)

Ehen, about my friend that says he wants to do what I do; I want to let you know that I also wish to be like someone or some persons. That’s life and that’s how it works.
I know you might have people you look up to. It’s not enough to call them your role models. It’s not enough to take selfies with them when you will end up taking another selfie with them one year later, still maintaining the position you found yourself when you last met them. Growth is pertinent.

I have role models, but I may never be like them all. Yes, it’s the fact. Take what the person is modelling you on and focus on fitting it into your own life to produce, not his results, but your own unique results. No doubt your results may be similar, but know your lane. Never follow someone to the point of living that person’s life, except you’re making a ‘genuine’ sacrifice. You could do better.

That is why you must have to discover yourself and what you stand for. Failure to do that places you on the radar of guesswork all your life.

In chapter 29 of my book, I used a typical example to explain how we should see role models: The Thai boys and their coach, who were trapped in a cave in June 2018. They were assigned scuba divers as emergency role models. They had to learn a bit of scuba diving to be safely guided out of the flooded cave before the rain is expected to rumble. They were not trained scuba divers and they may never become scuba divers after their rescue. But at that point, that was what they needed to learn to make attain a milestone—to stay alive. Sadly, an experienced diver died in the mission, but the boys and their coach all came out alive.

You may never become like your role model, but you have a lesson to pick and work on, based on your own peculiar objectives. Well, you might have a contrary opinion theoretically, but when you get to the field of play, reality will stare you in the face. Truth is: many people who claim to be ardent followers of their role models are rather hypnotized to think that they can only do less. They don’t even know this due to the ‘hypno’. 

Yes, I know about Robert Greene’s First Law of Power. But your role model is at least not your master. So, that doesn’t fit in.

Linking it to yesterday’s lesson, I urge you to pick your lessons and invest all you can to lock them into your life. It will require you to take that hard decision that usually elicits fear. Chapter 20 of my book puts it straight. Thinking of venturing and being consistent, the fear of sustainability often surfaces even before you start. Start nonetheless, but make a firm resolve to obey the rule of continuous learning and consistency. Do this by accepting to dare the odds each time you feel like quitting. It may not be so easy, but if you don’t dare, then you may yet be starting another failed-from-start venture. That’s if you ever started one before.

Lastly, forget about sleep. That stuff is a waste of time. I know that someone will smile to this. But wait! Before you come for my fine head, still read down. Over the years I have adapted to less sleep, that’s putting it literally. It may be entirely unhealthy and difficult at first, but people who do stuff will understand what I mean. At some point, you don’t necessarily decide to, but simply find yourself sleeping less. Actually, it goes farther than just sleeping less. When you close from work, others close from work too, but not all of them close work. Note the difference.

To my friend, don’t just be like your role models. Admire them enough to make you learn and act exceptionally. We could ply the same route at some point, yet land at different destinations or at different points in the same destination. You can do better. The scuba diver died, but all boys and coach who looked up to him were saved. And life has since gone on. Was that fair enough? Help me ask Fate.

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