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Friday, 26 October 2018


(Day 1-of-3)


The comments I get when I send whatsapp broadcasts sometimes make me stop and think. Someone wants to do what I do. But note that you can only apply what you learn to fit into your own unique life. Find yourself.

It is when you stand strong on what you pursue, that people begin to see you as good enough to help then adjust their crosses. Never mind that not everyone will buy into what you do. Let the world be. Just beat the tusks on the waters and let the tides flow. Your seeds will disperse and bury themselves to germinate loyalty to your cause. It's a matter of time, as long as you stay on it.

Realize that everything you wish for comes with attendant responsibilities. If you haven’t gotten anything from my broadcasts so far, don’t miss this one. I noticed that I have always talked about what I do and a few of the challenges I’ve had to face. I don’t always mention some of the challenges that fill the gaps in my everyday sojourn. They happen every day, and I invest to either sail on them or put them out.

Point 1:
I learnt to employ different styles of putting out word for what I do, but I’ve got to say that I didn’t learn by reading several web pages on the internet. Sometimes, what you get online is still food for you to churn and produce a lot of undigested or improperly digested food particles(bad results) in your stool, ensuring your stunted growth. What you learn by seeking proper help could lighten the labour associated with wallowing on the internet, trying to explain things to yourself amidst assumptions. It’ll cost more though. But it would help you a lot. I paid to sit in a class and learn. Marketing is just creative like that.

Point 2:
Yesterday, I told you how I attended an editing class to spill the bile that was formed by my previous experience in my writing career. Did I also mention that it wasn’t free of bill? Well, it cost some bucks.

Point 3:
I read a lot of books that cut across what I resonate with. I had developed an addictive habit of buying a book at every birthday, apart from other times. Do you have an idea what goes into that? What do I know kwanu? I gotta read. You can actually get free books around.

Pay Heed:
You have to invest time, energy and moola, in what you believe in, no matter how little. Even if you’re the most gifted person on the right side of the surface of the earth, if you don’t do that, you will rot with your gifting, or at least remain fixed at your current level. Like I’ll always say, “it’s more spiritual than you may know.”

You can't succeed or sustain success until you have assumed shameless responsibility and made basic commitments in line with current realities.

I’ll deepen the plough into the impact of Role Models and Allies in our lives and brands, and the typical misconception of many of us on things concerning us and the people we look up to. I’ll also give you actionable insights on scratching the wounds to get your strong points, distilling your core innate ability from the corollaries and daily experiences (this is where most people have issues due to constantly changing realities, demands and unmet expectations that distort our focus).

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