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Saturday, 18 August 2018


You Rock

As I spoke about Nosocomial Infections yesterday on Wish 99.5 Fm, here in the Garden City, it wasn't just about nosocomial infections, but also about how we come to receive cure, and in the process, get infected.

Nosocomial infections are contracted in the hospitals and other healthcare facilities during hospital stay. 

We seek education, but in the process, get caged by curriculum.

We have often underutilized our innate abilities.

Education has given us knowledge and hope, but put us within the grasp of limiting lines, which are meant to give us that take off point.

We cram and quote the learned, revere them and fear to step into their old shoes and walk a path away from their own conclusions.

We fear they've said it all and done it all. We fear we won't make sense. That we'll get smacked for thinking otherwise and for going beyond the line. We have acquired infections while seeking education, stagnating at our starting point, rather than growing from it.

We all struggle for the same old thing which our teachers and parents struggled for.

It's not easy. Yes, but we can gradually dip hands into the puzzle and do that which we are capable of doing.

They say education is scam. But education thought us about scam, and made us able to scam and be predisposed to scam.

Some people get education to make money. Others make money to pay for education.

What da heck is that?

Education isn't scam enough right?

You're greater; you rock.



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