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Wednesday, 11 April 2018


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Maggie Smart 
52 pp.
Growing up, I read and wrote effortlessly. I wrote out of passion and cuddled manuscripts which I shielded from the prying eyes of the public for fear of giving away its value on a platter of gold.

I was never thinking about publishing a book until I wrote what had the capacity to become a book. It was in me. I breathed writing and I read just about any printed article I found around.

At 17, I wrote my first book for teenagers, which was published 7 years later. I was a passive writer who read voraciously.

Sadly, most writers and intending authors do not know that writing is a business which must be taken as seriously as any other career. Only a handful of writers started off with that notion. The rest started writing out of passion and idle intent.

If you are a writer who wishes to become relevant enough to add value to humanity through your written works, then you must be intentional about writing. This includes, but not limited to reading voraciously, researching and writing intentionally, perhaps with schedule. Inspiration comes, but you must develop the will to get yourself seated to bleed your pen of ink at the times when inspiration has made a trip to a far land. You must also place yourself in the seat of a businessman who must earn profitably from his craft.

Only then will your worth as a writer grow, and your strength to sustain your craft stabilize enough to nourish it to blossom with life.

In the SMART WRITER'S HANDBOOK - TSWH, Maggie has done a deep hit on the importance of being intentional with writing, with her pick on phenomenal and productive writing. She has made an apt and concise exposition of the needs of an average writer or intending author, who would like to take his writing seriously, add value to humanity and earn a living through the art of writing. She listed and explained the things you must do to become a phenomenal writer, as well as the steps you have to take and the resources you would need to make a good writer and author.

Very easy to understand due to the simplicity exhibited in the mode of writing, TSWH is one which every writer will capture and internalize instantly. As the name connotes, TSWH is truly a book which every growing writer and author must have handy always as a guide through the way to exceptional writing.

She went ahead to give you the deep tips on publishing on Amazon and other publishing platforms in either electronic or paperback forms, and earning profitably.

What you have between those covers is simply awesome and worth a read if truly you want to take a great leap in your writing career. Get a copy of TSWH and move a step further in your writing career.

Maggie Smart is a writer and writers' coach. She can be contacted on FACEBOOK.

Reviewer: Val Eze


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