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Wednesday, 28 March 2018


Emeka Nobis
103 pp.

Growing up, I had always known I was a different breed of human. I either disagreed with most people, or agreed more than most people did.

I was always exceptional in my little dealings. I was often told how my thoughts were weird and eccentric.

I spoke to myself sometimes. Sometimes I spoke while everyone was in low spirit. Other times, I remained calm while others spoke. I was just a kind.

I discovered the world is made up of thoughts, thoughts which are sometimes definitive, and some other times ineffable.

People journeyed in the bandwagon and never harnessed the deep thoughts which lay fallow in them, just like the man who stood naked on the streets flagging passers-by and mumbling incoherent words.

The mad man has no thoughts we think. He simply wallows. He is mad and we are sane. What would the mad man say about us; perhaps that we are mad and he is sane? If he says that, he's right. His thoughts and perceptions are his.

When a mad man looks at you fiercely and tells you that you're in danger, stop and ask him for clarifications. He is a revealer of the unseen. There is really danger.

At dead night, the dog sees and barks at ghosts while we only see walls, trees and other humans.

The usual, the weird, the mad, the cranky, the sane; we all have thoughts that lead our lives to align with our values and productivity. And our lives largely depend on these thoughts for great exploits.

If your thoughts pull you out as mad in the midst of a multitude, remain standing and speak; for mad men really speak revelations. Everyone has a tinge of madness. Don't deny yourself.

Even Emeka Nobis does. And he bared it all in this book, MAD MEN SPEAK REVELATIONS. Deep thoughts you never knew you had. Get to know how unique and thoughtful you are, and how these thoughts that come everyday consciously or unconsciously, control your live and career.

I respect and value my thoughts even more after reading this book. Get it and feast on it. You are greater than you've always known.

Reviewer: Val Eze

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