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Wednesday, 28 March 2018


By On 03:04:00
Emeka Nobis
103 pp.

Growing up, I had always known I was a different breed of human. I either disagreed with most people, or agreed more than most people did.

I was always exceptional in my little dealings. I was often told how my thoughts were weird and eccentric.

I spoke to myself sometimes. Sometimes I spoke while everyone was in low spirit. Other times, I remained calm while others spoke. I was just a kind.

I discovered the world is made up of thoughts, thoughts which are sometimes definitive, and some other times ineffable.

People journeyed in the bandwagon and never harnessed the deep thoughts which lay fallow in them, just like the man who stood naked on the streets flagging passers-by and mumbling incoherent words.

The mad man has no thoughts we think. He simply wallows. He is mad and we are sane. What would the mad man say about us; perhaps that we are mad and he is sane? If he says that, he's right. His thoughts and perceptions are his.

When a mad man looks at you fiercely and tells you that you're in danger, stop and ask him for clarifications. He is a revealer of the unseen. There is really danger.

At dead night, the dog sees and barks at ghosts while we only see walls, trees and other humans.

The usual, the weird, the mad, the cranky, the sane; we all have thoughts that lead our lives to align with our values and productivity. And our lives largely depend on these thoughts for great exploits.

If your thoughts pull you out as mad in the midst of a multitude, remain standing and speak; for mad men really speak revelations. Everyone has a tinge of madness. Don't deny yourself.

Even Emeka Nobis does. And he bared it all in this book, MAD MEN SPEAK REVELATIONS. Deep thoughts you never knew you had. Get to know how unique and thoughtful you are, and how these thoughts that come everyday consciously or unconsciously, control your live and career.

I respect and value my thoughts even more after reading this book. Get it and feast on it. You are greater than you've always known.

Reviewer: Val Eze

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Wednesday, 21 March 2018


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Back in the days, we often heard people who specialized in a particular area of a course of study where more serious than some others who were in another specialty.

We were also made to understand that some areas were more lucrative than the others in practice.

That ideology became largely responsible for the decisions of many to specialize in a given area, apart from a previously conjured preference for a certain specialty.

I had my bout of advice to follow the most traveled path. I had my choice  to make. I didn't know much at the time, but the choice to be different has been my pattern.

How often have you made choices pegged on such ideologies?

How often have you chosen a path which most people referred to travel, in a bid for better experiences?

Experiences shape our lives depending on how relevant they are to our chosen path.

If you choose to travel the most traveled path, you have chosen to be among many. Be ready to commune in the crowd.

Phenomenal minds seek the eccentric, the re searchable, and the scary. While it comes with its peculiar challenges, it warms the heart of the exceptional being and keeps hope piercing forward like an arrow through the cluster of the future.

A man in the crowd is seen by many distracted eyes.

A man in the lone attracts the most focused eyes.

Have you made a choice for yourself?

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Thursday, 15 March 2018

BE UTTERLY SHAMELESS by Chidindu Mmadu-Okoli

By On 09:12:00
Chidindu Mmadu-Okoli
108 pp.

I used to be ashamed to tell people that I sold something, until I realised that I had to buy everything I needed or someone would have to buy them for me. Those things were sold by people I admired.

The difference was the style and strategy which they employed in selling those things, making it exotic and free of needless shame.

But honestly, so many people are ashamed to sell things. They don't want to be associated with sales, but they would always buy, refer people to buy, and even brag about how much they can afford to buy.

Now, I've lost shame. I cannot be an outright consumer. I should contribute to the world too. I should give. I should sell value to people who need them.

And so I must be utterly shameless about things concerning my life and the things which make me what I am. And again, the things I should do.

How is it possible that you have the passion towards something, but are ashamed to do it and grow in it?

What do your friends say about the things you do that throw you off and make you want to stop?

What status have you attained that make you feel too big to pursue your dreams?

'Be Utterly Shameless' is a book that will break the wedge that stands in your way to fulfilment.

Chidindu appears so explicit in this book, such that anyone would easily understand the insights buried within these pages with awesome value.

Do you still have doubts and want to give up on the things you should be shameless about?

I charge you to get a copy of BE UTTERLY SHAMELESS, an easy-to-read book, and thrill yourself to amazement of the obstacles which you would then be able to walk over without stress.

Reviewer: Val Eze

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