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Thursday, 22 February 2018


As a member of YALI West Africa, I remember taking a course on Greenhouse Effect and its direct consequence, global warming which melts the ice caps, and 'flooding' happens, which overwhelms us.
I shared a few lessons, but sadly we often don't take things the way they are, rather we take them the way we perceive them until evident impacts arise.

As a writer, you always have two situations beckoning on your attention. One tells you to start writing; the other tells you that your writing may not be good enough.

“There is no such thing as writer’s block for writers whose standards are low enough.”
-William Stafford

Would you rather let your ice caps melt and flood you off the shore? Remember that sharks are real. You may never return onshore to correct your mistake.

Whether you write or not, you are right. But when the heat of guilt strikes you on having left undone what you would have done to help humanity, you will start even under heat.

What's that fear that grips you about starting out to write?
Fear of failure?
Fear of not being able to sustain writing?
Fear of grammar?
Fear of construction?
Fear of competition?

Perhaps you think you don't have anything new to write about, which has not been written already.

A child cannot walk without toddling.

Just write, and gradually get better at it. 

You are good enough as a writer, now. 


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