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    Wednesday, 13 December 2017

    [SAVE FROM DYING] Help Save Tochukwu's Life

    Having done some consultations on the authenticity of their claims, we could say that their case may be worthy of your prayers and kind assistance. Kindly help save Tochukwu's life.

    We came across an incident where a young man, Tochukwu Nnagbogu, a final year student of Federal Polytechnic, Oko, on 15th October 2017, had an accident on his way to his village. Tochukwu is said to be admitted at Posh Specialist Hospital, New Haven, Enugu. He is said to be in coma and currently in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital. The accident is said to have affected his head, causing severe head injury which has been successfully operated upon by a neurosurgeon, and in need of a second surgery, after his Computed Tomography (CT) Scan report deemed it necessary.

    Neurosurgery, ICU Services and CT Scan are all cost-intensive services in any hospital in the world. You can imagine what Tochukwu's family will have to go through with all these and the added general hospital services. It was learnt that some hospitals had declined admitting Tochukwu for reasons unavailable to us.

    The family of Tochukwu needs the assistance of all those who deem it fit to assist them at this tough time. Any heartfelt assistance from you will add a tonne of hope.

    Telephone Chat with Nneka, Tochukwu's sister.
    [Rings 18:33 GMT 13-Dec-2017]
    Evalsblog: Hello, good evening. This is Evalsblog. Is this Sandra?
    Nneka: Ewo! O sikwa na-obu Sandra (Did he say it's Sandra?).  Good evening Sir. I'm not Sandra. My name is Nneka.
    Evalsblog: What is your surname please?
    Nneka: Nnagbogu.
    Evalsblog: Are you the sister to the young man who had an accident?
    Nneka: Yes Sir.
    Evalsblog: Ok. How is he doing now?
    Nneka: He is fine Sir. He is trying to open one eye.
    Evalsblog: Where are you now?
    Nneka: We are in Enugu.
    Evalsblog: Where in Enugu?
    Nneka: Posh Hospital
    Evalsblog: Could you briefly tell us what happened to him?
    Nneka: Okay. He is a student of Oko Poly, and was coming back home to see my father in the village on the 15th of October, when he had an accident.
    Evalsblog: Where are you from?
    Nneka: Ezeagu, in Enugu State.
    Evalsblog: So where did the accident happen?
    Nneka: In Enugu, on his way to the village.
    Evalsblog: What transport company was he travelling with?
    Nneka: It was not a bus o. He was on a bike. The accident affected his head. Please you people should pray for him.
    Evalsblog: Okay, we will do our best. Just keep taking care of him.
    Nneka: Okay Sir. Thank you for calling.
    Evalsblog: There is this UBA account in your name. Is it correct?
    Nneka: Yes Sir. Thank you Sir. God will bless all of you.
    Evalsblog: Bless you too. Stay strong, God will do His wonders on your brother.
    Nneka: Amen
    Evalsblog: Bye
    Nneka: Bye
    [Nneka: +234 08067270495]

    Account Name: Nnagbogu Loveth Nneka
    Account Number: 2066236784
    Bank Name: UBA Plc

    Tochukwu is billed for another surgery which is valued at over one million Naira, while his stay on life support in the ICU costs hundreds of thousand daily. 

    [Note: Information contained in this post does not completely guarantee that funds sent from you in favour of the account holder above will be used for the reasons stated therein. It is however on compassionate grounds and by our findings about the said incident that we pray you to assist. We therefore urge you to make your findings to authenticate their claims before you make any commitment.]


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