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    Saturday, 23 September 2017

    FREE Conference Port-Harcourt 2017 with Jimi Tewe, Fela Durotoye, Steve Harris, Emeka Nobis,...

    To many, it was an awesome and paradigm-shifting event today at The Grace Place in Port-Harcourt the Rivers State capital, where the F.R.E.E. Conference Port-Harcourt gave a new face to many.

    It was a blast with the many brains which are needed for the blazing growth of Nigeria, if fully harnessed.

    Personalities who were present include but not limited to:
    Jimi Tewe: Event Host
    Fela Durotoye(FD): Major Feature
    Steve Harris: Keynote Speaker
    Olori Ajayi: Keynote Speaker
    Emeka Nobis: Panelist
    KO Baba: Panelist
    Enoh Ogbevire: Media Feature

                               FD on stage 

    Few fallouts from today's event:
    Focus is the ability to limit your distractions...Fela Durotoye

    You do not have enough reason to stay in your past at the expense of your future...Jimi Tewe

    Pursuit is the proof of desire...Steve Harris

    L-R: Eval, FD

    L-R: Emeka Nobis, Eval

    F.R.E.E. Conference holds again in 2018. It could be your city.


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    1. Would you like to attend F.R.E.E. Conference 2018?
      Would you like to know what state it will hold in?
      Your interest is as good as how much you care about your own development and leadership mastery.

    2. Stanley,

      That's boldness. Get future updates by subscribing to evalsblog.com mailing list. Simply type your email address in the box provided at the bottom of this blog page and confirm your subscription from your email. Then follow me on Google+.

      All the best.

      1. Hi. please, do you know where i can find a complete audio coverage of the FREE conference 2017? thanks.

      2. Hello Augustine,

        If you are in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, kindly visit Nigeria Info FM.

        Otherwise, contact the Radio Station on 084461923, +2348095975764, +2348181326575 or +2348181326597 for assistance.



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