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    Friday, 4 August 2017


    My kid sister was raped yesterday. It was horrendous, and I am currently ferocious!

    How did it happen?

    She went to visit a friend. Male friend; unfortunately she felt the bloke was responsible. But she was wrong.

    When she arrived, there were people at home, but while they were together, they all left home.
    So according to her, he began pleading for sex. She refused. Told him she didn't budget for that.
    Immediately dude turned into a monster, persisted, and forcefully pushed himself on her.

    She tried fighting him, but he was stronger.

    He forced his way in, had his way and after 15 minutes, he was done.
    He began apologizing, that he was sorry. It won't happen again. That it's because she's beautiful. He began crying. He pleaded.

    My kid sister feigned being cool. Left his house and came home.
    I noticed she was sobbing and had a gloomy aura; and this was unusual. So I asked her, and after sometime she opened up.

    I raged!
    Who is he?
    Where is his house?
    How did it happen?

    Folks, I immediately called the SARS group in my place. Went to the house; luckily we found him about leaving. Yesterday was that day his stars kissed a mixture of coma and toilet.

    The SARS group beat the hell out of the beast. I actually joined hands, I slapped him over 30 times and seeing him, you'd know that torture was care compared to how he was handled.

    I used pepper; Cameroon pepper; ground one. I mixed it with Aboniki and rubbed lavishly on his penis and balls. While rubbing it, I held his scrotum and was nudged to crush his balls immediately. Honestly, I used the finger and crushed one of his balls.

    The whole street was watching like it was a movie making.
    While I put the guy through all these caring gestures, yes, caring. One animal from the crowd said:

    “Na just because of rape wey you dey treat this guy like this..the girl no enjoy am?”

    I was fuming.
    I turned and landed him two faced slap with my hands on his right and left cheek at once.

    The police arrested him for that statement; insinuated he was a rapist.

    I already called a lawyer; my friend. Told her everything and she came around.

    At this time, my sister was already taken to the hospital for care.

    So we took these boys to the police station; the rapist and the guy who validated his actions.

    I felt this fury to constantly hit him till we got to the station. No. I didn't want to kill him, but wanted him to feel intense pain. INTENSE PAIN. and even if he dies, I don't care. Rapists are demons.

    So at the station, the statement was made, my sister came back and gave her version. Everything was documented and the rapist was put in the cell.

    I asked the police men to dump him in the worst conditioned cell; smelling like hell and toilet, probably a den of mosquitoes and rodents. He was dumped there, still with the pain and torture of the Aboniki mixed with Cameroon pepper.

    We left.

    Last night, his family members have called me begging. That they'd pay 300,000 for his bail. Folks I do not care. We don't want.

    By next week, that boy will be charged to court. No bail. He'd be charged and made to rot in the prison and in his next life he won't ever even have an erection, much less anything else..

    Lo and behold, at this point I woke from the hallucinations of my mind.

    Woe unto to guy that'd rape my sister. I can't even verbalize the treatment he'd be given.
    For the minutes when I imagined these things, I expressed real anger at each scene, much less when it's real. My anger will destroy that animal before he gets to prison.

    Rape is a terrible crime. And anyone who can forcefully have sex with a woman is a beast.
    Any man who's a rapist can kill. Yes, if you can forcefully have sex, what's the difference between that and forcefully taking a life?

    It is animalistic to retain erection on top a woman who's crying, panting for rescue, and shouting to be freed. Anyone who can do this has no form of humanism in him and deserves the most gruesome death.

    Rape cannot be justified. A rapist will rape you even if you're in Hijab. It has little or nothing to do with dressing. So would we justify someone stealing my TV because my room was open?
    Why justify rape on the grounds of ‘she didn't dress well?’

    Like I said,
    The devil will punished whoever will rape my sister. I am not praying for such, but if I ever find you, you'd never prefer life due to what you'd be subjected to.

    The only thing that makes sex beautiful is the mutuality of consent. If consent is one sided, then it's not just rape.  It's death.

    Being a man doesn't give you whatsoever right to deserve unrestricted access to a woman's vagina. Even if she's walking around naked, keep your penis in its place.

    Her vagina is not your inheritance, ask your father.


    Written by:
    Solomon Buchi Barthlomew

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