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    Saturday, 18 February 2017

    ADDICTED TO WRITING By Emeka Nobis 1

    Dear Friend,

    I feel like I am choking! 
    I'm being choked by the burden of creativity and the desire to reach the hearts of lovely people like you. 
    It's good feeling, though. 
    Good news is that I’m about to commence another project for the month of March. I’ll be launching a new ebook called ADDICTED TO WRITING.

    Why am I doing so? I'm on a mission. I'm addicted to writing. 
    I’m spearheading a campaign to prove to generations now and unborn in Africa about the beautiful art of writing. In our clime, writing isn’t considered such a worthy venture by many, typically because they think it’s for nerds. Above all, they feel writers are poor blokes.
    By documenting my pleasure, my pains, and power in this ebook, replete with tested principles, motivation, and strategies, I hope to give anyone who aspires to write large doses of hope, support, and encouragement.

    I’ve realised I can’t do all by myself. I need HELP. I really NEED HELP!
    I need YOU!
    I need you to HELP me.
    I need you to help stretch my fingers to reach as many souls as possible with this book. I’ve set up a closed Facebook group where we will all congregate and achieve this laudable task.
    Note. This is not a project where you come in and do all the work for me. It's a symbiotic relationship I want to build with you. It's a give and take relationship. 

    There are offerings that I will make to you. They're beautiful offerings.

    I shared them so that you can see if this will be worth your while. See it here >>> #TeamADDICTEDTOWRITING

    If it is, I look forward to having you on board.

    P.S Pre-orders for ABANDON THE DOTS  ends on the 25th, it will be fully available to the public at the full price of N3000. For now, you can still order pre-order at N2000.  You can pre-order here. 
    If you prefer to pay via the bank, please pay N2000 into GTBANK, Profound Impacts International, 0120774989. When done, please email consult@emekanobis.com with the heading "ABANDON THE DOTS buyer."


    Emeka Nobis

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