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    Tuesday, 21 February 2017

    ADDICTED TO WRITING By Emeka Nobis 2

    Emeka Nobis

    This, to me, is like writers' little bible. Its content resonates to both established and budding writers. It's a guide on that curvy journey.

    The general myth is writers are poor, but this book dispelled that myth that it's about the passion and dreams that really matters.

    Most writers have the ideas in their mind, to get it on virgin paper seems to be the issue. This book has helped with that by offering the simplest advice on the subject.

    Are you currently experiencing doubts as to whether you can brace it and accept the call of a writer?
    Are you one of those with the gift, but you've buried it because you think writers are poor blokes?
    Do you have an issue with penning your thoughts?
    This book provides valid answers.

    It will be launched fully to the public in March, 2017. But I would need your help to choose which of the colours the author should use; Blue, Red or Black? What's your take?

    The good news is, this book will sell for N3,000 once it is launched, but the author has opened the cart now for N1,000 for all those who truly want to experience a change in their own literary orientation.

    To quickly get your copy now, please click GET A COPY or copy this url, http://www.paystack.com/pay/addictedtowriting, into your web browser and proceed to get a copy.

    Alternatively, if you don't like going through payment plugins, we have your back. Please pay N1,000 into GTBank, Account Number: 0120774989, Account Name: Profound Impacts International. Thereafter, send an email with your details to consult@emekanobis.com. The heading should read, ADDICTED TO WRITING

    Please tag a friend of yours whom you know needs this. Tell your friends to tag their friends who need this as well.


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