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    Tuesday, 17 January 2017

    I can't Get Paid 12 Times in 365 Days

    Obvious to me is the fact that I just cannot afford to get paid 12 times in a whooping 365-day period. Where are those in whose hands money begs to stay? They are called entrepreneurs and they are creative and business-minded persons who have chosen to stay out of their comfort zones in pursuit of solutions to the troubles of man. As the worker deserves his wages, these set of people always get paid not only for the problems they solve, but also for the solutions they create.
    Salary is about the worst financial entity. It gives temporary security and makes the unsuspecting bearer lag, a result of deficiency of the power to do exploit. Surprisingly, not all salary earners are cocooned in this salary shell.

    Everybody does everything to attract salaries through employment and so the question is, "What am I doing to stay employed?" The bitter question is, "What am I doing to employ?" Until you begin to employ, you shall remain dependent at whatever age. No one has the full rights to address another as "Dependent" except such a person is independent. Now be your own judge and hand out your verdict on your dependency status. Note that this does not address dependency on factors which may affect your enterprise but only addresses your power to control wealth.

    Entrepreneurship is about the best financial entity. It gives permanent security and makes you soar, a result of a fullness of the power to do exploit. Surprisingly, not all entrepreneurs are open to great achievements. Consistent hard work is key.

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