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    Monday, 26 December 2016

    Apply for Carnegie Council International Student and Teacher Essay/Photo Competition 2016

    Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs (CCEIA), previously referred to as ‘Council on Religion and International Affairs (CRIA),’ hereby announces its eighth annual International Essay Competition. CCEIA (a name which the organization adopted in 2005) is a public charity for international affairs professionals, teachers and students across the globe. CCEIA is based in the New York City.

    Essay/Photo Topics
    NB: Entry can be in written or photo forms.

    International Student/Teacher: Nationalism
    “Is Nationalism an asset or hindrance in today’s globalized world?”
    Hint: ‘Nationalism’ as used here is a broad term and can be viewed in terms of patriotism, economy, national identity that holds a diverse country together, nativism, or any other logical way you think fit, as long as you define it clearly.

    International Student Photo Competition: Cities/Urbanization
    Across the world, there is an ongoing mass migration from the countryside to the cities. Please submit photos that depict urbanization and city life, showing either the advantages or the drawbacks.

    Essay Entry Requirements

    • Style: Op-ed style (not academic, footnoted papers)
    • Length: 1,000 – 1,500 words
    • Format: Word Document attachment or email text.
    • Language: English

    Entry is open to:

    • Teachers and students of all nationalities aged 13 and above
    • Teachers at all levels
    • All students (high/secondary school, graduate school)
    • Students and teachers who have not won the competition before

    NB:     Only one entry per entrant is accepted
    Collaborative essays between students and teachers are accepted

    Essay Competition
    1st Prize: $250 Amazon Gift Certificate
    2nd Price: $150 Amazon Gift Certificate
    3rd Price: $75 Amazon Gift Certificate

    Photo Competition
    1st prize: $200 Amazon Gift Certificate
    2nd Price (two winners): $100 Amazon Gift Certificate
    NB: Winning photos may be posted on other Carnegie Council websites.

    How to Apply

    Entry Closes
    31st December, 2016

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