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    Sunday, 11 December 2016

    10 Things You Should Know About Rev Fr Raymond Onyebuchi Eneje

    Rev. Fr. Raymond Onyebuchi Eneje 
    Catholic Diocese of Enugu
    Ordained: December 10, 2016

    The life of a priest begins from the inception of seminary education and training, carrying with it, a unique formation and composure which is special. A preist-in-the-making lives the life of a priest, a life of holiness, sacrifice and humility. Every attribute of a priest is widely exhibited by a seminarian, who could be referred to as Priest, since the rob does not make a priest. 

    May it be known that every creation of God is on a mission, while a special group of people have been ordained to take the lead and be the guiding image of reference.

    I cannot forget my THOSE DAYS with then, Bro Ray. He would spare to host, stay to supervise, call to interact, and end by imparting humbly. Bro Ray will understand when you miss the mark. He tempts me to say that he is as humble as my very own Father and Mentor, Very Rev Msgr Dr Anthony C. Anijielo, who in his status, still defines humility in practice. This Duo is the best I have encountered and worked with so far.

    Msgr A.C. Anijielo is a person of Do as you preach and you would have done even more.

    Msgr Anthony Chukwuma Anijielo
    Catholic Diocese of Enugu

    Fr Ray has chosen this path. The part of sacrifice and devotion. He has chosen to be the sacrificial lamb as Archbishop Fulton Sheen would have it. Many started the struggle, but few beat the struggle, not by strength, but by the grace of God. 

    1. Fr Ray, as we call him, is a humble priest (it is innate).

    2. Fr Ray is a cozy priest (who is more friendly?).

    3. Fr Ray is a kind priest (you need not be told).

    4. Fr Ray is a social missionary (leave dancing and football for him).

    5. Fr Ray is an intelligent priest (biography for another day).

    One step at a time, he matched out of the crowd.

    And finally
    The Catholic Diocese of Enugu, the Parish Priest and Parish Pastoral Council, St Mark Parish, Nsude, with the entire family of Mr & Mrs Dennis A. Eneje of Ugwuakulu, Nsude, Udi LGA of Enugu State, South Eastern Nigeria, and of course we all, heartily rejoice with Rev Fr Raymond Onyebuchi Eneje on his Priestly Ordination by His Lordship Most Rev. Callistus Valentine Onaga, Catholic Bishop of Enugu, at the Holy Ghost Catheral, Enugu.

    Let's go on...
    6. Fr Ray is a quiet priest (just that wihich keeps chaos away).

    7. Fr Ray is Enejetic (it is evident).

    8. Fr Ray is widely loved (by all who have come in contact with him).

    9.Fr Ray is Hardworking and Coordinated (by watching him do things).

    10. Fr Ray is chosen (by God) because he is one of the few who finished the struggle which many only started.

    Fr Ray at the Tabernacle 

    See photos below as family and friends rejoice with Fr Ray
    L-R: Onyinye Okenwa, Daniel Mbakwu, Fr Ray, Anselm Mkpa-Ulok, Chukwuebuka Eze

    I make bold to say that this enejetic brother of mine is now a priest of the Roman Catholic Church. Fr, may the good Lord who has seen you through the thick and thin paths, the most rugged roads and the the most discouraging times, guide and protect you. May he bless the church through you and fulfill your life which is best known to Him.

    Post-Ordination Happy Moments with Fr Ray

    L-R: Nkechi Ayogu, Chidindu Mmadu-Okoli, Msgr Anthony Anijielo, Mrs Prudence Igattah and Adaobi Obiekwu at the Ordination.

    Congratulations Dear +Fr Ray

    Chukwuebuka Valentine Eze
    11 December 2016

    Photo Credit: Scholar Nwachukwu, Prudence Igattah, Chukwuebuka Eze

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