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    Saturday, 1 October 2016


    56 years ago, Nigeria became an independent state. Today, Nigeria is still faced with the challenges of a young and developing nation.

    Nigeria is portrayed as the educationally less-privileged nation rather than the most educated nation whose emigrants have helped develop many nations in the world in diverse professional echelons like the Nigerian Americans and Nigerian students abroad who graduate as top-of-the-class, first-class academics and top-notch professionals.

    Nigeria is portrayed as the nation of poverty alert rather than the nation of riches, natural endowments and business acumen-personified as Aliko Dangote ‘of Dangote Group’, Folorunsho Alakija ‘of Rose of Sharon Group’, Innocent Chukwuma ‘of Innoson Motors’, to mention but a few.

    Nigeria is seen as the nation of dullards rather than the nation of smart people and gurus in the likes of Philip Emeagwali.

    Nigeria is projected as a nation of violence without an acknowledgement of the Peace-keeping missions of the Security outfit of this big-brother nation in the African Union and the United Nations.

    Nigeria is showcased as the consumer nation devoid of creativity rather than a nation whose raw materials are traded and returned as expensive processed consumables and a nation of creative brains even in war crafts like the Biafran Soldiers.

    Nigeria is seen as a nation of scammers, drug traffickers, and corrupt leaders rather than a nation which suffer the result of the underdevelopment of a nation, which has been left to her purported dismal fate.

    Nigeria is marred by the stagnation of the mentality of Nigerian brains, the focal degradation of Nigerian eyes, the passive and verbose nature of the Nigerian diplomatic system, the superfluous nature of the media and the deceit of external forces which are more or less orchestrated.

    The single story of Nigeria and Africa – of catastrophe, of violence, of war, of ignorance, of rot, of corruption - mars the system which was built and sustained by our leaders past.

    However, with the beauty of the Nigerian State, the riches of the Nigerian soil and human resources, the diversity of Nigerian ethnic heritage and the sacrifice of the Nigerian peoples, Nigeria survives - under the immense grace of God - in its position as the giant of Africa and pacesetter of the world.

    We must understand the danger of a single story as not-good-enough but try to read the OTHER STORY of whatever or whoever stares our imagination.

    The other story of Nigeria is better for Nigeria, Africa and the world. 

    Keep hope alive. Celebrate, pray and work for a better Nigeria while Nigeria - as a nation - lasts. 

    The change begins with us.

    Happy Independence Day Nigeria

    God bless Nigeria

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