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    Sunday, 25 September 2016


    Looking at the deep blue sky
    I wonder
    “What could be beneath my feet?”
    It is all darkness
    But I have what it takes to surpass it

    A question comes to mind
    “Are you going to dwell in the dark?”
    Certainly not
    An unintended shrug has the answer 
    Not once

    Like a rose in the midst of thorns
    My spirit wanders in confusion; spirit of uncertainty
    Treated with disdain
    I feel incomplete
    For my thought has it so

    I see the spotlight in the dark
    That must be a sure way out
    I must have to live up to expectation
    So, I dance to the tune
    Putting the darkness to shame
    With a bunch of fives

    I have got to live up to something
    My strength, my worth, my dignity
    Life is a bumpy train ride
    But the power is in me
    Forever to light my life's torch


    25 September 2016

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