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Monday, 12 September 2016

NKEM - Tale of A Lady's Man (Part 2)

Having failed me, my thoughts became ashamed to even rise again and make meaning from what it had already taken in.
I could barely think of anything plausible as Nkem repeated, “Nna we need to talk,” her eyes on me like the scorching headlamps of those heavy duty trucks that plied the highways at night. I could swear that I was safe but whether my thoughts agreed too was uncertain as I went tachycardic.

When a woman summons you for a talk, silence with very open ears were the key as every word uttered before she concluded could be used against you in her own courtroom. So, I kept mute as I tried to stare back at her – I had to stare back just to nurture confidence.

“I was at Amaka’s house today,” she started. “She is not well. She complained of abdominal pain all the while we were together. When I asked her to describe the kind of pain she experienced, she said it appeared something was moving in her tummy and she kept feeling as if she would throw up the next minute especially at early hours. She also complained of loss of appetite each time she caught sight of cooked food.” I was still mute but listening attentively in its literal sense just to stay out of trouble. “She also complained of slight headache and change in the colour of her urine.” At this point, she stopped and I knew she was waiting for me to say something.

I could swear that I hardly recorded all she said, but being honest with her would do me no good. I had to delay my response with a light contagious smile which I succeeded in transmitting to her. I could only remember I heard abdominal pain, emesis and anorexia. I guessed that was about the time I was still wholly in the room with her.

“Yes yes yes,” I responded with a relief in my heart that I could at least remember a part of what she said. “Advise her to report to the clinic the next day. There are a number of laboratory investigations she would have to undergo to ascertain what is wrong.”

“What are those tests?” she asked with a stern look. “Nkem, you know that these terminologies are strange to you. You may not understand them. Besides, you are not even a health professional,” I jokingly teased her.

The Nkem that I know would not give me a stern look even when there was no money in the house. But this time, I kept thinking my head out with inaccessible results.

“Nne what is it?” I queried. “This is unlike you and this is certainly not one of your choreography or drama sets. You always told me about your worries even before I noticed; eh nne, o gini – what is it?”

Nna, is there something you are hiding from me?” she asked. “Something like what?” I retorted this time with a stone face. “Can I still trust you?” she asked further. “Nne why all the questions?” I was beginning to lose my mind.

“There was one other thing she told me. She said her LMP – Last Menstrual Period - was thirty-seven days ago as against her regular maximum of thirty-five days. So what could be the cause?” At this point, I realized I was in a make-shift postgraduate lecture theatre – where I had to compulsorily give a lecture - all the while we discussed. I went into elaborate explanation of what could have caused the slight delay of Amaka’s MP, with my mind roaming and trying to affix its tentacles on the possible relationship between Amaka’s condition and the weird look I got from Nkem.

Returning to my senses, I began to make hazy conclusions out of all she had said and the questions she asked.

Amaka was in our house a few weeks earlier. Nkem had gone out to get some items from the shopping mall down the street, returning to meet Amaka waiting had waited for a while. I nodded with my neck stiff as I thought rhetorically “Could it be what I’m thinking?”

Nkem held my hand, moving the other hand lightly from my forehead down to my cheek, then to my neck region, with her stationary eyeballs fixed on mine – that experience that will send some ecstasy down your spine and to the floor in form of cold – and said, “sweetheart tell me it’s not true and I will believe you.”

I was still bewildered and before I could say a word, my stomach contracted like a piece of body tissue soaked in a hypertonic solution. It seemed I was hungry again. I just realized we had spent so many hours talking.

I stroked my tummy and – I trust Nkem - she quickly picked the signal and reached for the women’s department.
Still stuck to my seat, I kept thinking.

...to be continued


12 September 2016

Tachycardia – An excessively rapid heartbeat

Emesis - Vomiting

Anorexia – Persistent loss of appetite

Hypertonic – Describes a body part such as a muscle or artery that is under                                         usually high tension.

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