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    Thursday, 28 January 2016


    Months ago, I was introduced to a GREAT and Simple Business Plan powered by an organization called Helping Hands International aka HELPING HANDS FANS CLUB (H2i).... After hearing what it’s all about. I Decided to JOIN. I mean, I Made a DECISION to Join. Yes! I did.
    I paid just $120 (N19,800) to make this decision practical. I joined! Fast forward the clock! - its already a year now and counting... this small donation coupled with good thinking, excellent strategic plan and massive action in terms of implementation HAS REALLY PAID ME OFF.... Not in THOUSANDS but in MILLIONS! I have made millions in H2i Just like that. Indeed, SMALL IDEAS are really
    POWERFUL!! Don't Doubt Me My dear, ..Sorry! Why should I even say don't doubt me? "Please! Go ahead and doubt if that is what you mind tells you.. After all "Na your mind you go use do the doubt not mine!" 😆😆
    My only concern is that it will steal the benefits of this Powerful report from you. If you know me and what I stand for you WILL GET SERIOUS WITH ME.
    H2i is a Wonderful and unique concept AND CAN FLOOD MILLIONS INTO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT before 2016 runs out if you settle down to understand her vision and how to go about it.
    About Helping Hands Initiative….
    Founded by a Philippine Lady based in Japan, Mrs. Luzviminda Mac-Elvis, Helping Hands Initiative (H2i) is a community of positively minded people. A place where members are encouraged to believe in themselves and their God given dreams.
    It is a circle of people who believe they can make a difference in the life of others no matter how small. You are considered a good example of a Help Partner with H2i if everyone who comes around you sees a reason to aspire higher and become better. Hence the primary product of this organization is MOTIVATION, HOPE, EMPOWERMENT AND CHARITY.
    H2i feeds the poor, clothes and houses them. She empowers her members through her various skill acquisition programs and gives 100% INTEREST/ COLLATERAL FREE FUND to Help Partners who have proven themselves.

    CALL/SMS/WHATSAPP: 07036223072
    email: valecumenism@gmail.com for details

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