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    Tuesday, 8 December 2015

    SYNOPSIS 1 - Support Talented Youth

    There came this child named Ugo, born to a 7-year old childless family. Ugo, who constituted nuisance to his parents and neighbours due to his strange behaviour, had suddenly changed and joined other pupils in school as a very cheerful child. He learned and put interest in modelling with clay and paper but did best with wood. He could make tables and chairs so well with soft wood upon graduation from the primary school and so became the best modelling artist in his school for which he got a prize. His teacher had once told him, “You are talented.”
    Mr. Ibe, his father, was sentenced to a 7-year jail term following accusations of fraud while Ugo resorted to menial jobs so as to keep himself and his poor mother. 
    Ugo’s father had returned from jail, having served his jail term, to meet a wife who was almost fed up with life, and a hardworking son who was trying to make ends meet by washing people’s cars while stealing car owners’ belongings and money, pushing wheelbarrow in the market, doing farm work for people for pay and selling mangoes and oranges which he harvested from the trees in their compound. In all, he always got into his clients’ troubles.
    As fate had it, Ugo had serendipitously discovered what he could do so well and happily without expending much energy. When news had gone round that Ugo could do wonders, it began to yield money for the family as people would patronize his new-found skill. In order to perfect in the job, he had to be tutored and so he went for it.
    Mr. Okoro, pleased with Ugo’s service, had compensated him after six years of apprenticeship with a good sum of money. He had made a lot of money from his own facility and gotten married with kids. He had, with the support of his wife, set up a foundation, through which he offered financial aid to poor children who had skills but lacked financial support to nurture them.


    26 May 2014

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